by Downward

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listening i never felt so at ease Favorite track: Gehenna / Evaporate.
Norm Collison
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Norm Collison Honestly this is a masterpiece. not one bad thing i can say. Buy it. support these guys! Favorite track: Budge.
Grant Mussman
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Grant Mussman One of the best albums 2018 had to offer Favorite track: Budge.
Łabandzi Śpiew
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Łabandzi Śpiew "The band managed to catch the best possible ratio between the vocal's volume and the loudness of the guitars so it is both noisy and airy, as it's supposed to be. Especially that the vocal itself is extremely dreamy and oneiric." ENGLISH: bit.ly/2QVj3dk Favorite track: Bored.
Scythe Sexton
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Scythe Sexton simply amazing album, havnt stopped listening to it. have listened to this record all the way through at least 10 times today alone.!!
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Bored 04:30
oh no, you're tied with your tongue against the ice i was checkin in for the thousandth time yeah it's just red wine for now and coffee late tonight i was wondering i was clawing out my eyes burn the city down keep the churches and hospitals around keep the birds on the ground lock the office down taking your time pushing shit aside things are different now cutting clouds out of the sky i've been waiting in line still sleeping every night i've been bored again like you thought i might
VHS 05:13
rowing in red and you run out of breath all the worms around your bed digging tunnels in your head and spinning plates in a ridge in your waist you'll just yell until you're red cause you can love me when i'm dead i'm riding into your wake any way to shave away the weight brushing away every little drop of rain and oh, i'd say anything to make you stay out of the way in everything cash in the wind and you're drugged up again so you talk to the police and get off easier than me eyeing your bag with a toy in his hand mother fucker i will take every penny that you made
Terra 04:03
clouds separate feel it crumble underneath we've been circling the drain these days melt from the rain feel you clogging up my veins sayonara terra bad before its date i'll turn my back on the train the blood will decorate and this time my stain will fade sharks suffocate fins are withering away and all this effort never paid still the same dig through the pain i will burrow in your grave i could tear away the spaces where i stay i'll turn my back on the train the blood will decorate this time, that face is hanging in my brain this time, my stain
all the crows explode from the church bell singin off and all your family's home chewing toothpicks stabbing thumbs it's cocaine on christmas your wishlist is foreplay in the basement with no one listening now breathing down my throat were you with them did it hurt run me off the road they saw the way you're living now and wanted out
Splinter 02:14
sewing seeds spitting out the poison in an old receipt tripping over trenches catching when you speak cutting up my head the glass is comforting pretend to fall asleep so i don't have to hide to hear you crumbling wonder where you fell and how you dissapear you're looking in it's like you never wanted it i'll scribble in your name on every single page
still in friction smoke stains in the kitchen cell guards falling asleep spin your ribbons it rains, then you want in hilltop holy war dents in benches it's stiff like wooden limbs flood lights burning alive and i was afraid you were catching on the buckets of paint in the parking garage i finally found a friend, is all but i'm lying anyway so give up the game spell out the names i'm on your ledge and i won't wait cause so far you've had us running laps around the bait you're lying anyway
I'll pull the footing out And you'll turn my room around I'm standing in wallpaper I'll wear you like a shell When I'm not feeling well No everything is excellent I'd see the frozen rain You'd make your best friends leave I must've let you down I must've let you down Up in the northmost state I let my knuckles bleed I must've let you down I must've let you down Trip over dissidence I still put out my hand Evaporate, And I'll breathe your waste I wonder how you are No sense in waiting on me Spare your head The agony I'd see the frozen rain You'd make your best friends leave I must've let you down I must've let you down Up in the northmost state Little bugs crawling on your face I must've let you down Is that all you want No colors on the walls Stay how you are In Gehenna
Budge 05:07
dwell the day away brittle then it breaks i forget the shame and you forget my name there's no filling up that space it's kinda raining i'm drenched in tremors i'm gonna mold to your shape see me god? my head is falling off i swallow your anchors dissipate your hammer on my teeth picking what you keep hard enough to speak when all i got was cheap i felt so far away
passing on pretty sure you're not i would sit on the edge of the bed lost it all i don't need to hear a lot almost drove off the road when i saw my hand bled again i was stumbling creeping in like your parents did and i thought i heard you running out of the house when the porch light turned back on and i felt my ribcage falling out of the plane when we hit the runway walk it off smash the window in my car wearing thin running out sleeping in peeling out steer away from autumn fog the windshield flew through the side of my head swore away all the others falling in like you left it



Thank you to all our family, Jill, Abbie, Caleb, Charlotte, Parker, Aaron, Mikaylah, Lliyah, Drake, Trey, Jared, Austin, Claye, Newt, Matt, Eli, Sam, Hugh, Ethan, Alex, Anthony, Duston, Greynier, Honeymoon, Piece of Mind, NVM, and Full Color Dream

To anyone who has believed in us or supported us in any way, this has been a long time coming, and it's only possible because of our friends.

This is the beginning of something special.

Downward is Heavenward.


released December 25, 2018

Mixed by Phillip Odom at Studio 4 in PA
Written, recorded and performed by Downward
Photo by Jill Seright


all rights reserved



Downward Tulsa, Oklahoma


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